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Forest Garden Shovelstrode offers a wide range of woodland craft courses. All woodland craft courses include a delicious home cooked meal, tea and coffee

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An Introduction to Fire Starting Course is run daily at Forest Forest Garden Shovelstrode. For more information please contact us.

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Green woodworking: Make a Chair

Mon 20 - 26 Aug 2018

Definition of Green Woodworking:  An approach to woodworking that takes advantage of the structural qualities of freshly felled wood. These include: use of rived (split) parts with little grain run out, easy cutting with hand tools, and superior bending characteristics. Green worked wood is dried to appropriate moisture content before assembly of structural members, such as chair parts.


Green woodworking is a traditional woodland craft.  It goes back to the 17th century, where bodgers would work in the woods producing chairs and stools.  Nowadays we can pick up a machine made chair very cheaply but nothing can compare to the self fulfilment and pride when someone completes their own chair, having worked on some wood from a log to finished components.  As we move on so many traditional crafts are falling by the wayside and green woodworking could become one of them but thankfully there is an interest for people to learn these crafts again.  


We run 3 day and 6 day courses in stool and chair making.  Students will learn all the methods required to complete a chair or stool starting with a log


The course runs from 0900 until about 5.30pm and a home cooked lunch is included over the 3 days.  Tea/coffee also available throughout the day


Special Requirements:- Appropriate clothing required, sturdy boots etc.


Please note there will be an additional charge to be paid at the end of the course for the chosen seating for your stool. The 2018 prices are as follows :-


Chair [14” x 16”]:     Seagrass [£35]  Twisted Rush [£45]  Bark [£60]

Stool [11” x 11”]:    Seagrass [£25]  Twisted Rush [£30]  Bark [£40]


Yurt camping and camping pitches are available for people wishing to stay whilst attending this course. Please contact Lisa on 07956 815458 to book a pitch or a yurt. Yurt prices can be found on our camping section